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Once we have discovered why your body has been troubled by weight gain, we can address and treat the underlying cause. Then you are ready for significant body composition changes...

HCG Medical Weight Loss

Many patients come to Dr. Brenda Marshall seeking health optimization including control of medical issues affected by body composition, such as blood sugar control, high cholesterol, fatty liver, energy levels, sleep issues and general fitness concerns.  After a of holistic and comprehensive evaluation to discern for the root cause of the weight issues, often we will recommend a course of HCG weight loss injections to enhance a comprehensive weight control program. Beginning HCG without first discovering which body systems are malfunctioning will typically not yield long term results for weight loss. Whether it is a thyroid imbalance, sleep irregularity due to sleep apnea or behavioral habits, gut dysbiosis, or other root cause, each needs to be addressed, or the effect of weight loss by HCG may not give long term results.


Once the patient has begun a program to address the holistic approach of weight loss, then we can begin the HCG program as follows:


  • HCG Medication, needles & syringes

  • 1 B-12 "S" Shot once weekly for 6 weeks

  • Weight check clinic visit once a week for 6 weeks

  • Initial cost of HCG program $695 (not including physician consult/lab fees)

  • Half kit cost for 3 weeks (local in person only) $495.00


HCG is a hormone produced by the placenta and works in the hypothalmus by controlling the movement and distribution of fat throughout the body.  Thus, small amounts of HCG have been shown to mobilize body fat and make it available to the body as a source of energy.  HCG triggers the body to preferentially utilize body fat, rather than protein like muscle mass, as a source of energy while undergoing fasting.  HCG also reduces appetite, so although fasting, there is a lack of hunger. While HCG protocol follows a very lo calorie intake, a patient will have little hunger, cravings, feelings of diet misery or loss of structural muscle mass while morning fasting enabling a burning of fat calories for fuel, thus allowing for change in body composition by fat loss versus muscle breakdown.

HCG Medical Weight Loss: Service
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