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Holistic Integrative Medicine


Menopause - Food Allergy - Fatigue - Sleep Issues - Migraine - Anxiety - Thyroid - Testosterone Therapy -  Weight - ADHD - Molds - Indigestion - Mercury & Lead Detox - Vitamin Analysis - Irritable Bowel - Athletic Performance - Leaky Gut - Depression - Diet

Dr. Marshall

San Diego Physician with 25 years service.

Voted "San Diego's BEST Integrative Wellness"

Ranch & Coast Magazine, August 2016

Dr. Marshall is a dedicated practitioner of Integrative Medicine for you.  She has specialized in this area of practice since 2007. She loves empowering you as a  patient to understand your body and discover the gentle power and benefits of natural therapies. As an Integrative Practitioner, Dr. Marshall enjoy's being able to bridge the gap between western medicine and the “alternatives,” while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to heal.

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Sleep Renewal

The foundation to health

  • Your most valuable asset is sleep.

  • Sleep is fundamental for weight control and disease prevention.

  • Our proven therapies will have you sleeping deeply.

  • Your life will change with better sleep patterns.


Understanding your Origin

Your genetic wellness

  • Your genetics can be the reason for health struggles.

  • We have precise testing with proven therapies.

  • Anxiety, depression, addiction, heart disease and cancer can stem from genetics.

  • You can have a low cost easy saliva genetics test done in out office.

Nutrient Balance

Know the right diet for you!

  • Paleo, Atkins, ModiMed, Low inflammatory, Gluten/Dairy Free... we know which diet will work best for you.

  • Food allergy evaluation and testing in our office visits.

  • Food is essential to health and well-being.

  • We will help you redefine your relationship with food.

Weight Restoration

We will help you Succeed!

  • Individualized programs designed for your body.

  • We help unravel the root source of your weight troubles.

  • Medical weight loss HCG programs alongside natural weight loss therapies.

  • Assistance in exercise programs that work best with your body type and age.

Hormone Balance

For Both Men & Women

  • Don't let your health fall apart through the seasons of change...

  • Simple Bio-identical therapies tailored specifically to your bodies needs.

  • Say goodbye to hot flashes, PMS, moodiness & brain fog.

  • Expertise in your thyroid function as well.

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"Your path to wellness begins with a journey of discovering  the workings with in..."

Brenda Marshall, MD

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