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Treatment Focus

Heal Your Body

Your appointment is a learning experience, and tuning into your body’s innate wisdom requires a dedicated one-on-one approach. I offer customized treatments for your specific set of concerns that will get you feeling back to yourself and better than ever in no time. Get in touch with me today to see how I can create a personal plan for your specific needs.

Nutrition & Genetics

Break throughs in Science

Understanding your individual genetics has an important impact on how well your body can process specific nutrients, I have the expertise and testing to look with in your genetics and guide your nutritional intake for optimal health and disease prevention.  What may nourish one person can be an aggravating food or vitamin for  another, and that is why I design a customize  dietary program just for your specific needs.


Changing with your Seasons

With hormone balance therapy, patients claim to feel relaxed and renewed after beginning treatment.  I’m trained specifically in bio-identical hormone therapy techniques for both men and women, and I tailor your prescription to work on your specific symptoms and needs. I love showing my patients how just a simple addition of hormones can make an enormous difference to their health.


The Foundation of Wellness

Restoring your body begins with good deep sleep.  Through my careful analysis of your sleep patterns and habits, we can work together to get you the natural replenishing sleep your body needs to maintain normal detoxification, eating patterns, disease prevention and vitality. Your wellness depends on your systems downtime and specific nutrients, amino acids, sleep studies and treatment options are discovered.

This is your chance to stop mistreating your body with toxic medicine. My holistic approach to healing will make you feel complete again.

Treatment Focus: Service
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