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Our Philosophy & Mission


Through combining integrative and traditional medicine, we strive to uncover the root cause of commonly seen ailments and then prescribe complementary therapies to optimize health and prevent and treat disease. Rather than looking at a symptom as a single entity, we encompass all findings to gain a full picture of your health and vitality. This allows treatment from a total systems approach rather than just a "bandage" approach often seen in traditional medicine.


With optimizing your hormones, brain chemistry and nutritional elements that decline with age, poor nutrition, overuse or environmental toxins, you can achieve a healthier aging process, allowing for vitality and functional ability further into older age.

Educating and providing information to you as the patient enables us to work as a team toward better health.  Providing advice and designing a plan with a variety of practical and safe therapeutic options layered with traditional medicines or surgery if needed, is the key for preventing and treating chronic disease and aging.


Our goal is to foster a patient relationship of mutual trust, respect, and open communication.  Longer appointments allow time to know each patient individually.

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