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The "S" Shot

The Super Shot, also known as the "S" Shot is a combination of B-Complex and activated Vitamin B-12 plus selected amino acids to support the liver for metabolizing fat, giving energy and helping detoxify the body. The body stores fat in response to a lack of efficiency in detoxifying...often storing fat soluble toxins in your body fat to rid these substances from floating through your bloodstream. The greater toxin load on the body, the more fat your body will store.

Thus, eating a clean healthy diet and pure water is imperative to minimizing your toxin load and optimizing health, along side with a good detoxification program. Hence, the "S" Shot was created, but not solely for the purpose of detoxification.

Not only is the "S" Shot great for detoxifying, B Vitamins are also essential for proper brain function, including forming transmitters like serotonin, gaba and dopamine. Theses transmitters are utilized in the brain for enjoyment, sleep and a sense of relaxation. A happier brain better controls production of cortisol, which is the stress hormone responsible for weight gain.

Better Detoxification + Better brain chemicals = less fat storage, less toxin build up and happier/healthier & more energetic patients.

For many reasons, including irritable bowel, antacid use, food allergies or sensitivities, or even vegan diets, people can have a lack of B-vitamins or absorption issues. The "S" Shot can bypass these issues being an injection form of B-complex. Furthermore, between 10-35% of people can have one or more genetic enzyme issues or autoimmune issues that do not allow B-12 to be either absorbed or "activated" by folic acid. This is a more serious health issue, especially long term on your health. These processes can be bypassed utilizing the "S" Shot, but still require a physicians attention and detailed evaluation.

Many people can and do lose weight with this advanced nutritional injection, but this is not a complete weight loss solution. Diet, thyroid and other hormone evaluation may be required. HCG hormone use can also be explored.

Side effects are rare, if any at the site of injection as with any shot. The nutrients in the 'S" Shot should not be a source for any major side effects or drug interactions.

Weekly, or sometimes twice a week or every other week, depending on how your response goes.

Payment is cash/credit for this elective process. No insurance covers this combination of nutrients.

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